An industry leading claims reconciliation and accounts receivable tool
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Keeping up with third party claims and cash flow can be very time consuming. What are your current itemized receivables for the year, quarter, month or day? Do you know what the reimbursement cycles are for specific PBM’s? Are any of your claims outstanding, underpaid or reversed by the PBM?

eRecon provides answers to all these questions and more through automated reconciliation of third party claims at the transaction level. The product was designed by pharmacists and has been in production since 2006. Our team is constantly gathering feedback from members and market intelligence to adapt to changes and provide an industry best PSAO claims reconciliation product.


  • Accounts receivable reporting tool
  • Check Register to bridge the gap between 835 check dates and actual received on dates
  • Historical data up to 24 months
  • Identification of coordination of benefits claims
  • View your pharmacy claims in the aggregate or down to the transaction level
  • Multi-Store owners: Ability to aggregate and report on multiple pharmacies
  • Provider level adjustment reporting